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Magic at the Edge is the latest creation from Jeff McBride - a high impact show designed for the medium to small venue, starring McBride, his wife Abbi and one onstage assistant. The evening begins with the entire company entertaining in the theater as the audience enters. "We love to get to know our audiences before the show begins on stage," says McBride. "Besides, this way we can share more intimate magic effects that can happen right under their noses, or even in their own hands - that won't work in the stage show. Very few people ever get to experience really good magic that closely."

Once the stage show starts, audiences experience McBride's signature mask, pantomime, Kabuki theatre, martial arts and amazing sleight of hand magic mixed with several larger illusion productions, and even some mental magic.

Reviewer Sandy Posnak of the Atlantic City Weekly recently wrote, "One can't experience a better way to say adieu to the summer days, than by experiencing this delightful, mesmerizing magical journey." Her fellow reviewer Chuck Darrow wrote, "As "Magic at the Edge" illustrates, McBride's brilliance remains intact. Among his talents is his ability to be cerebral and arty, yet accessible to audience members of all ages.

What sets McBride apart is his presentation. Drawing heavily from Japanese Kabuki theater and smartly incorporating sound and lighting into his individual pieces, McBride creates a world of mystery and fantasy that takes his show to a level most magicians can't achieve."